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The Ultimate Guide For Kheerganga Trek During Monsoon Season.


It’s not every time things go according to plan, In fact, sometimes everything goes off track and you’ll feel a bit helpless. The same happened to us, it all started when our bus to Bhuntar from New Delhi got some 6 hours late and that’s all we needed to make this trip go south.

We planned to do Kheerganga trek in the afternoon of 24-June-2017 and then camping in the night under the 5 billion star hotel, seems fascinating right?

That’s not what happened, Instead we had to do the trekking on 25-June-2017 early morning and with the same day to get down from the top to catch our bus to Delhi. This is a lil brief about my Kheerganga trip in the peak month of July. Let’s start the details about – The Ultimate Guide For Kheerganga Trek During Monsoon Season.


Details Of Kheerganga Trek


Total Distance To and Fro: 25 Km.

Start Point or Base Camp: You can either start from Tosh or Barshaini Village.

Level of Difficulty: Fairly Moderate

Highest Peak Point While Trekking: 10000 ft.

District or Region: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India.


Now, let’s cut the chase and get to the point of “How to do Kheerganga trek in 3-4 hours”. This experienced blog post about Kheerganga trek will give you a fair idea to complete the trek without much fuss and yes its worth to trek for that 12.5 km to top of the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.


Panoramic View From The Top Of Kheerganga Mountains in in Ultimate Guide For Kheerganga Trek During Monsoon Season

Panoramic View From The Top Of Kheerganga Mountains [ Image Courtesy ] 


Here is the list of some of the do’s and don’t as a beginner you should consider before starting off to Kheerganga Trek From Kasol.


1. Don’t ever try to do this trek in slippers or floaters.


2. Carry at least 1 bottle of glucose water and 1 bottle of some energy drink with electrolytes in it.


3. Do not try to cover the trail with fast running, just walk and you will be able to finish in no time.


4. Take 3-4 rests or breaks in total to catch your breath.


5. Don’t try to start the trek after sunset it might look adventures but it’s not, It’s hell risky because of the wildlife around the mountains especially Wild Brown Bear.


6. Make sure you have some energy bar with you all the time until you reach the top, yeah its helps damn a lot to boost your morale and give your body enough calories to start again.


Views you will get while trekking in Ultimate Guide For Kheerganga Trek During Monsoon Season

Views you will get while trekking [ Image Courtesy ]


7. Try not to carry too much weight with you (a mistake we did). As if you feel light then you’ll be able to move faster.


8. Don’t wear tight clothes or jeans on the bottom as it will restrict you joint movements.


9. In the beginning of the trek put more pressure only on the legs and when the trek is about to end or just 1 km distance is remaining, use your upper body strength to pull yourself up.


10. Wear proper trekking shoes to make your trek far easier as compared to any other casual shoe or boots.


11. You can also buy a supporting stick which will help you a lot to complete your trek quickly.


12. If you are thinking of camping in Kheerganga by yourself then you should hire a porter to carry off you camping gears or other stuff.


13. If you wish to trek up and down on the same day then make sure you trek down from the same trail you trekked up because there are two ways to get down and the 2nd trail is a bit longer, more uphill and treacherous but if you love adventure and exploration of then you go for it.


14. Don’t forget to visit the famous hot springs of Kheerganga at the top. You will definitely feel relief from the fatigue of trek after taking a dip in it.


15. The famous Kheerganga trek trail is a bit treacherous and narrow in patches so do not rush to cross it as there are fellow trekkers as well so discipline is mandatory.


If you keep these 15 striking points in your mind then I am damn sure you can easily reach the famous Kheerganga trek in 3-4 hours whereas it takes almost 5-6 hours for other trekkers to accomplish this easy cum moderate trek.

Not to mention it’s not a guarantee that you will be able to do it in less than 4 hours because every individual has a different physics and fitness level. Although if you possess a normal and healthy body then these tips will surely work for you. A bit of personal advice – food availability in Kheerganga is just ok ok, But yeah there is no comparison of Maggi in cold mountains.

Don’t forget to comment and share your views on this article I would be glad to know more about the suggestions or more add on points I can add to this list.


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