Why do you go away? So that you can come back.
So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors.
And the people there see you differently, too.
Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.


A bit about Kasol

A modern village blessed with nature’s beauty, Kasol is renowned for its Israeli food, culture, and inhabitants, gushing Parvati river, trekking hub and unexplored Malana and Rasol village. A traveler hub for Israelis, with signs of assorted cafes and restaurants in Hebrew serving nice food, of cuisines from all over the world.

The Himalayas covered with white sparkling snow and clear blue sky adds a slight charm to the mystery of the place. Snuggled in the lap of Parvati Valley along side the smooth and roaring streams of Parvati river, this not so remote village is a blessing for journey buffs, trekkers, and backpackers paradise. It has pleasant climate all round the year and low population density, this excellent place is geared up to get into the state of relaxation.

Night View of Parvati River, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Here are the top 5 things to do in Kasol whenever you get the chance to travel to the place.

1. Mount Watering Israeli Food

First things first yes it’s the heaven for delicious food, especially the Israeli one. Want some haven’t tried cuisine then Kasol is the perfect travel to place for you. Young Israeli inhabitants literally run all the major cafes, And so it is referred to as Mini Israel. The cafes and stalls around the street serve top notch food. The place is quite serene and pure in itself so there won’t be any hygiene issues if you consider them as issue *wink*. You get to the eat the fresh food with the views of snow clad Himalayas and pristine Parvati river flowing beside it there is nothing more than this you can have anywhere around in India.

2. Kheerganga Trekking From Kasol

The ones who loved to spend most of their time around Himalayas and camping then Kasol is the place you should plan your next trip. Kheerganga trek is beginners ones but takes you the village of Kheerganga through the splendidly stunning route uphill with green natural beauty all around you. The time when you reach to top the famous natural hot springs of Kheerganga awaits you to take a dip to feel recharged and on top of it, you’ll enjoy the views of Kheerganga.


3. Encounter the Unexplored Trails of Rasol & Malana

Rasol is a nibble village nearby Kasol. You can easily reach Rasol by trekking from Kasol or Chalal. Enroute your trek, you will see many signboards with magic Rasol written on it. You don’t need wonder about it, it’s the magic of smoke. There is a story about the place which says you will certainly find peace as you trek to Rasol and then smoke the ‘Magic Rasol’.
The village of Malana is a famous one in all around Himachal renowned for its Malana Cream. Its distinctive culture sets it apart from others and a temple named Jamlu Devta is a popular attraction there. Adventure, sight-seeing, and a strange culture followed by the traditions of the villagers this is Malana Village is all about. I personally a little biased to Malana over Rasol.


4. Holy Dip in the Famous Manikaran Gurudwara

This is the biggest and the most visited one gurudwara you will find in Himachal Pradesh. Taking a dip in the hot springs pool in Gurudwara itself will make you clean from all your sins and your travel fatigue will be gone in an instant. There is a facility of Langer (free food for all) as well, have the super simple yet tasty food for free.


5. Taking a Stroll by the Parvati River

River Parvati is a beautiful and pristine river. Get immersed into the abstraction of the river while listening to its roaring sound is just magnificent. You can sit by the river for hours doing nothing at all and you won’t even get a clue how much time actually passed away.

Don’t forget to comment and share your views on this article I would be glad to know more about your suggestions or things to do which I can add to this list.


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