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Solo Bike Road Trip To Lansdowne


Literally, as a rider, I can relate to this quote. Yeah, it’s so true because when you ride the only things you want is that this road never ends. This passion of riding pushed me to do my very first solo bike trip to the mighty hills of Uttarakhand. I’ve been to Uttarakhand my times with friends or family but this time I was traveling to a new place all by myself that too my Duke 200.


Distance From New Delhi To Lansdowne – 250 km via Meerut Pauri National Highway or 260 km via National Highway 34.

Time To Reach Lansdowne From Bike – 5 hours from my place ( East Delhi ) – Lansdowne Main Market.

Road Conditions via Meerut Pauri National Highway – From personal experience, I would say 75% of the road is fairly good for riding and 25% of it is moderately out of shape with huge potholes to look out for.


I wasn’t planning to do this trip solo, so it was like me and my colleague we were supposed to do our first bike trip together or I should say the first trip ever but he was on a deadline to complete a project and I couldn’t delay the trip anymore so yeah he backed out and I got the opportunity to travel solo, and I grabbed it with both hands.


my ride all set for trip

My Love My Ride


I was damn excited for the trip and I couldn’t sleep before the ride day as most of the people encounter the same. And I bet no rider ever slept before the ride. I was ready to leave, backpacks were ready and all I need to do is rev the bike and start off the trip. I left my place at 7 am yeah I got a bit late.


jain temple in my way


I had a fair idea about the road to ride on but still, it’s better to ask the local about the right way, In case you want to get lost then its all fine. I had my breakfast somewhere near the Meerut area.


breakfast in morning on my bike road trip


Having Aloo & Pyaz Paratha in the morning is best of the ways to start off the road trip to Lansdowne again. I had to do many stops on my way as there were many photography opportunities which in turn caused the trip to be a bit off time. The scorching sun rays were taking its toll and wearing all the riding gears weren’t making it easy for me but I did manage all the things and reached Kotdwar just on time. The place welcomed me with the feel of cool breeze coming right from the top of the hills of Uttarakhand.


first view of kotdwar

From that point, I knew now the real ride has started. The roads were curvaceous, it was just a wow feeling to ride in the hills with blind twists and turns. With every conquered curve I was inching towards the famous cantonment town.


curvy roads lansdowne with my duke 200

curvy roads lansdowne

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And Then finally when you get the first glimpse of the place where you meant to travel as your first solo bike trip you know you have achieved a milestone with a feeling of a lot more to come in future.

welcome to lansdowne cantt

welcome to lansdowne

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This was all about how I reached to Lansdowne in my next article will tell my tales of things to do Lansdowne and what natural beauties this place has to offer. Till then Ta da.

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