Shimla a land in the lap of majestic Himalayas


The capital of one of the most beautiful states of India was once the summer capital of the britishers, Studded with one of the best buildings of the world having European architecture in them, this city is not only famous for its beauty but holds great importance in history and mythology.



While it hosted many political meetings that is Simla Accord of 1914 and the Simla Conference of 1945 and its beauty attracted the British officers so much that they made Shimla their second capital and gave some majestic buildings like Advance studies, Viceroy lodge, Town hall, etc.

Its mythological roots comes from the Ramayan era as on the Jakhu hill is situated an ancient temple of lord Hanuman, Going by the legend it is the same place where Lord Hanuman rested while searching for Sanjeevani Booti when Meghnath the son of Ravan hit Lakshman with Bramhastra.


Must Eat Delicacies to Try in Shimla.

1. Golgappas on the Ridge- when the cool breeze cross you while you are walking on the mall road this punch of flavours make your walk a memorable one.

2. Butter bun- A food item from Vema tea stall with a history also gives its share of flavor to the
thali of Shimla. Among others come the kurkej, channa bhatura, and softy.

P.S. if you are lucky enough of having a friend from shimla do try the traditional bhat and paharithali its some thing to die for.



Festivals and Fairs of Shimla
In the following line you will get a chance to know about the fairs and festivals those are:


1. Ice Skating Carnival

Ice Skating Carnival that attracts a lot of adventure junkies to this wonderful hill city, is organised during the winter months from December-February.


2. Rhyali Festival

Rhyali Festival is celebrated to please the rain God as the belief is if God is happy, there will never be scarcity of rain and crops will grow well is organised in the month of July. During the festival, seeds of 5-7 crops are sown in a basket of earth and is kept near idols of God. It is also considered as the official arrival of monsoon in the city.


3. Baba Nath Fair

Takes place in the month from 14th March to 15th April.


4. Sipi Festival

Patronized by Rana of Koti, is a festival to pay respect to Sip Devta. A lot of cultural programs are held during the festival.


5. Bhoj Fair

Lord Bansor is worshipped during this fair, organised for 3 days in November month every year.


6. Lavi Fair

This festival is organised to show resect to the trade treaty that was signed between Bushahr state in
Shimla and Tibet. The ultimate idea is to help the small trades and businesses that are main source of
livelihood of natives of Shimla.


7. Rohru Fair

Organised in the month of April on the banks of abbar River in Rohru to offer respect to Lord Shikru.


8. Summer Festival

Its an annual festival of Shimla organised in the month of May, people from different fields come to
Shimla and captivate audiences with their performances. A unification of different talents from every
corner of the country.


9. Bharara Fair

Fair is oraganized at village Bharara, here goat sacrifice is also done is front of Koteshwar Devta to show


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