Kullu-Manali, Himachal Pradesh – A Land Of Deep Valleys And Hot Springs

Surrounded by snow caps Wearing slopes of Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges is a beauty worth every glance of mankind “Manali“, you go there once and you will definitely fall for the beauty this city holds in it. The picturesque beauty makes you believe as if you are in a fairy tale stories like the stubborn mist in the air, and a never ending fragrance of pines and freshness. It have a high contrast in almost everything that is from quaint little hippie
villages to flit upscale streets, adventures in gushing water(river rafting in Beas river) to trekking trails(Parvati valley treks) and further to free flowing air (Zorbing and Paragliding at Solang Valley). It looks like Manali is using the adventure bug in you to fell the mother nature with the help of its five elements.

Image Source Parvesh Jain Photography

Image Source Parvesh Jain Photography

Manali marks its existence from the time of Mahabharata as places like Hidimba Temple, Beas Kund still have the marks of the era still prevailing in them and these places resides in the heart of Manali people as well. Silence of the Old Manali is generally broken by, only the chirping of the birds and the
sound of the boisterous water of the Kullu river while its serenity remains unmatched.


1. Rohtang Pass

A breathtaking view at an altitude of 3978 metres awaits for you, the landscape around will leave you in awe for sure famous for its various treks there is still everything for everyone here sledge riding, mountain biking and skiing. If you go to Manali do visit Rohtang it pretty much sums up it all.

Image Source Parvesh Jain Photography

2. Hampta Pass

A gateway from lush green valleys of Kullu to beautiful desert of Lahaul giving you a chance to witness changing landscapes or a balcony view of the two worlds in panaroma, to get this opportunity to witness this dramatic twist one has to go through a trek studded with adrenaline pumping waterways, glacial valleys, thick pine forests in short to reach this high altitude pass you have to trek through this beautiful way having every single
thing one can expect from a trek.

Image Source Parvesh Jain Photography

3. Manikaran Gurudwara

Situated at an altitude of 1760 m on the right bank of river Parvati is Manikaran Sahib Gururdwara, a place of pilgrimage for Sikhs and every other religion, this place is well famous for its hot water springs that can cook food (Langar) but never burns down the skin, giving lots of lessons for life are the tales linked with this Gurudwara Sahib may it be tale of Mardana, cooking without gas and what not, the spiritual peace and the miracles mother nature can do all can be seen and felt at this one place.

4. Jogini Waterfall

Situated at a distance of 7.5km from Manali a stream of water coming down for getting merged into river Beas is Jogini or Jogni waterfall situated at beautiful Vashisht village. One can reach to this picturesque location after trekking from Vashisht Temple. The waterfall marks the boundary of Vashisht village cascading from the height of 150 feet, a small pool is present at the base of the waterfall where visitors can plunge and can enjoy some quality time here. Temple of Jogini Mata is of great spiritual importance to the locals as families come for the tonsure of their children here.

Image Source Parvesh Jain Photography


5. Hidimba Devi Temple

Located in the middle of forest called Dhungri Van Vihar, the temple derives its other name that is Dhungri Temple from the forest only, this ancient cave temple is dedicated to Hidimbi Devi. This temple in pagoda style have its roots coming from the time of Mahabharata and comprises no idol within; some footprints are engraved and are worshiped by devotees.

Image Source Parvesh Jain Photography

6. Solang Valley

One of the hotspots for adventure junkies and adrenaline rush lovers, not only for the adventure lovers this spot also gives an opportunity to see the panoramic views of the surrounding snowcapped mountains and glaciers, lying at a height of 8500 ft above the sea level doing Skiing and Paragliding gives an edge to these adventure sports experience.

Image Source Parvesh Jain Photography

7. Beas Kund

The place where the author of Mahabharata the great Sage Vyas use to take bath, the place from the river Beas originates. One can reach to the kund by going on a trek from Solang experiencing lush green meadows, glaciers and snow-capped mountain peaks. It’s a perfect base camp for climbing nearby peaks Shitidhar and Ladakhi peak.

Image Source Parvesh Jain Photography

8. Gulaba Village

Located at an altitude of 4000m named after king of Kashmir Raja Gulab Singh who camped here while invading China this very thing tells a great deal about this village strategic importance, also it gives a great view of the snowcapped mountains around it. It is
the second best alternative for skiing when Rohtang is closed.

9. Bijli Mahadev Temple

One of the sacred temples of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh at Kullu valley across the Beas river at an altitude of 2460m, one can reach to this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva by doing a rewarding trek of 3 km. one can not only seek the blessings of Mahadev but also can enjoy the panoramic view of Kullu and Parvati valley.


Manali is that pocket of mother nature that can leave you spell bounded in its numerous ways from giving an opportunity of seeing the panoramic views of majestic snow caped mountains, to giving spiritual peace in the temples in and around it one can feel mother nature from numerous treks one can do and satisfy their adventure thirst by reaching just to the Solang valley.


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