The best cure for body is a quiet mind
so travel to a quiet place to attain
inner peace

The Beginning of It

If we talk about New Year it’s the time when you think you will stay at home with your family or friends and celebrate with them. I thought the same, but then suddenly a thought struck to my mind — let’s do something different this year so that time I decided that I won’t be celebrating my New Year 2016 in Delhi.

4 Days To Go

It was 4 days before the New Year. I started asking my friends that let’s go all out and celebrate New Year somewhere outside apart from a club or a pub in Delhi. I asked 4 of them none of them showed the same enthusiasm which I did then I shared my thought with my colleague Washeul Islam he loved the idea and said yes we are definitely gonna celebrate this New Year outside Delhi.

The hunt for location has started. We have decided to go but where to go, after shuffling through so many destinations we finally came to a decision that it’s surely is The Kasauli.

The next thing we need to find out how we can reach to Kasauli because there was no direct public transport available. So we thought let’s just rent up 2 bikes and drive all the way to Kasauli. But it was not that easy and simple, I knew when I decide to do something out of the box life always throws roadblocks on my way, But the challenge was I never rode on a National Highway ( NH-1 ).

I got a little nervous and scary kind of feeling inside me. There were some safety issues as well with driving a bike for 300 km.

Planned Trip New Delhi to Kasauli
Total Distance From Delhi To Kasauli – 305 km
Total Driving Time – 6 hours 


Himachal Road Transport Corporation, Dehra

One Day Left Only – OMG

In the end, we decided to move forward with public transport i.e. ( HRTC ). We can’t cancel the plan and this was the last resort. The plan was to reach to Chandigarh by bus and then we will take a UBER from Chandigarh to Kasauli and reach to Kasauli by afternoon. Everything was set, bags were packed too and we were ready to start an unimaginable journey.

We took our bus from Kashmiri Gate (ISBT) for Chandigarh at 8 am on 31-Dec-2015. The journey started as the bus driver throttled the engine. As soon as the bus engine fired up we rolled our fingers and updated our Facebook status. Halfway through the bus halted at a checkpoint and we had our breakfast there, the weather was pretty awesome there. After 5 hours of traveling, we reached Chandigarh finally. We had our lunch at Chandigarh (ISBT).

New Delhi — Chandigarh
Distance — 260 km
Time — 5 hours by Bus

We headed according to plan & booked a UBER when the driver arrived and said no UBER driver will go to Kasauli we were shocked like what has the hell just happened and what to do now. Now there was no plan and we were also running late on schedule.

Again Public transport came to rescue and we took an ordinary bus to Dharampur ( no direct bus was available for Kasauli ). The bus took around 2.5 hours to reach to Dharampur.

Dharampur looked a cool place to stay for the night, but we had to reach to Kasauli no matter what, we weren’t sure that we will get a hotel room or not because of the New Year’s rush but we took the risk and left Dharampur. We took a taxi from Dharampur to Kasauli as we were short on time.

From Dharampur to Kasauli
Distance – 10 km
Time By Taxi – 30 Mins


Kasauli — We are here

We were like so so excited that we reached Kasauli almost on time and we had the time to search for a hotel and we did find a hotel room even with the New Year’s Eve rush, otherwise we would have to sleep on Kasauli Mall road which won’t be cool after all it’s 5 degree Celsius and it’s freezing cold that I can assure you.

Kasauli — Rush Free Hill Station

The first impression for Kasauli it was really cold, silent and compact. Moving on we put our backpacks in the room, relaxed for a while and then after freshening up we headed towards the Kasauli mall road it was not at all like the Shimla have, it has just around 20–25 shops in all. It was sweet and short. We were starving to get some food into our stomach, so we had a peaceful dinner and went on the Kasauli roads to see what it’s like to feel free from all the work stress and tension around you. It makes you feel like you can spend your entire life there without any complaints at all.

We went to the Christ Church on our way to Kasauli Castle people said it was the best resort in Kasauli but unfortunately stag entry was not permitted. The way we took to reach to Castle was a scary one I mean it was pitch black no noise at all and any time any wild creature could have attacked us, so we were like pretty scared and then we reached a dead end no way to go forward. So we turned our backs and sprinted towards the point where it started and after seeing people around us we felt relieved.

New Year prep 2 hours remaining – Tick Tok

Then we started preparing for the New Year 2016, we bought some chips, nuts and something to drink as well and headed straight towards our room and settled there turned on some loud music did a get together with guys who were staying next to our room they also came to celebrate New Year.

Our room had a pretty big balcony too then we all talked a bit got to know each other and then here comes the time “ HAPPY NEW YEAR “. So it was like we were drinking and eating with loud music on in blood freezing temperature. Not to mention we were not in Delhi it was all Kasauli.

After all the celebration we again went out on the streets of Kasauli at 12 am and every person we saw on the street we were like greeting them “HAPPY NEW YEAR” bro hugging and dancing with them although they were strangers, but I guess we were in the full mood do all kinds of crazy stuff. After all that stuff, we sat on a pavement thinking we won’t be forgetting this night and it was a great decision to plan a trip to Kasauli. Suddenly some random army guys showed up & asked what the hell you 2 are doing here so late you should be in your room so without saying anything we moved to our hotel room and slept calmly.

The Conclusion

It was an unforgettable night of my life. Every traveler must visit Kasauli once at least to embrace its beauty and peacefulness. And this is all about the Crazy New Year Story.

Points of Interests/Places to visit in Kasauli

Christ ChurchSunrise CornerManki Point (Temple)Sunset Point. All these site seeing in Kasauli gives you extraordinary views and experience which you can cherish for your entire life. Last but not the least Rudra Cafe is a must visit place in Kasauli for having breakfast you have to visit it by yourself to experience it.

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