Ladakh is known by different-2 names such as Lands of High Passes, Land of Gama etc. And when you visit Ladakh region in the time of winter its unimaginably a whole new place you can say a paradise on earth.

Every damn place is covered with snow specially the mountains cladded with white sparkling snow. It’s like if you haven’t seen Ladakh in winters you are still missing that jigsaw piece to complete your travel puzzle.

Here is the crafted 20 shades of Ladakh in winters for all the fellow travelers out there. Come to Incredible India and see by yourself.

*** First Rays From Sun ***

Make your passion as high as mountains and then you will be able to achieve anything.

*** The Blue Wall ***

No one needs any invitation from the mountains to appreciate the beauty adored on them. You just have to travel and travel and then again travel as a never ending quest.

*** Dream Land Of India ***

When you think of snow paradise in India the only place that strikes to the mind is – Ladakh.

You can only know it when you visit the place in winters.



*** First Rays From Horizon ***

Sunrise is one of the finest natural moment in which everyone forgets the stress and bad days of routine.

*** Shades Of Hanley ***

Long range mountains around a remote and unexplored village of Ladakh.
Flying on the top of Ladakh Range, Himalayas. This view you won’t wanna miss for the world.

*** Blue Heaven ***

Snow capped mountains of Ladakh Range.



*** Himalayas Wall Of India ***

My nation i.e India is under the protection of best army in the world with only one mission in their hearts to keep the people of this country safe.

Jai Hind. Proud to be Indian.

*** Indus Valley ***

Indus river flowing through the snow capped mountains of Himalayas (Ladakh Range ) on one side and other side with a barren mountain

The emerald color of the river with partial frozen patches in it was a beauty in itself.



*** The Cold and Scorching Sunshine ***

The scorching sun shining as bright as a bulb in the cold and blue mountains of Ladakh.



*** Serene City Of Leh ***

This is the view you get from the highlands of Leh Palace, the place in itself is amazing and beauty lies all around it.

The city lies on the foothills of Himalayas (Ladakh Range).



*** Ladakh Range Landscape ***

Snow covered mountains view from Shey Palace with a beautiful landscape around it.




*** Cold Colors Of Ladakh ***


*** Silent Leh City ***

Leh city resting in the lap of mighty Himalayas (Ladakh Range)




*** Blue Heaven On Earth ***

Vast lands of blue snow coated mountains in the lands of high passes.


*** Zigzagging in the Himalayas ***

These patterns on the mountains are not the result of randomness. These are crafted patterns made by the mountain sheep which explore in the search of food.


*** High Barren Mountain ***

Hanley river flowing through the rocky mountains of Ladakh Range with just a pinch of snow on the top of it.



*** Feel The Love of Mountains ***

On the mountains of truth, you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.


*** Anomaly In The Mountains ***

Patterns in the mountains made by The Indian Army in Ladakh Range mountains.


*** Night View, Chumathang, Ladakh ***

To Conclude, All I can say it was a lifetime of an experience. The fun, adventure, and thrill we had in those 15 days of our trip to Ladakh is worth to make once in year trip like this.

Indian Paradise is waiting for you go and explore.

Please comment below and let me know what do you think about the article and photos. All photographs are clicked by me 😉

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